Signature Labradoodles - About Us

Our purpose...

Dogs have always been an important part of our family. This page is dedicated to what dogs have meant in our life. We hope that you will enjoy "man's best friend" as much as we have!

It all started with...

Athena is a Multi Generation Australian Labradoodle from Spring Creek Labradoodles. Our pets have always had to "put up" with being dressed up, painted, going on camping trips, etc. Labradoodles are perfect for our family and our three girls enjoy their live dress-up "toys"! Their personalities and laid-back temperaments are perfect for children. Our son complains when his dog Penny receives painted toenails or has to wear dresses. Our Labradoodles are very well socialized! Anybody want a birthday party? (Tawny and a friend celebrating!)

One of our packs included a Jack Russell "Ruby", Labrador Retriever "Penny" and a Goldendoodle named "Eden". Eden was the first Doodle to be part of our family. We absolutely loved everything about her. She was great with the children, did not shed, was incredibly intelligent, and loved to be right there in the same room with you at all times. Penny and Eden grew up as puppies together. Even though it did not work out for us to be able to keep Eden to start our breeding business, we fell in love with the breed.

Ruby, our Jack Russell was our pet for almost ten years. She died a couple of years ago now, but we will always have fond memories of her. She was all terrier... always running, jumping, yipping, playing. Roo was our first dog... a chocolate lab. She was such a pretty puppy, we were always receiving comments about her. We intended to breed her, but found she had a serious allergy problem. Even when we were almost 20 years younger, we knew that it would be unethical to breed a dog and sell puppies that would have potential problems. It is sooo important for you to adopt your pet from a reputable breeder. It is absolutely worth the price, because we know now that all of the testing that we have done on our breeding stock is not required by puppy mills, hobby/backyard breeders, etc. By testing to the ALAA standards, we end up with consistently excellent dogs. We spent a small fortune keeping Roo happy by treating her skin allergy symptoms.

Our standards are high for our own pets... We will only breed dogs that live up to our own personal standards!