Signature Labradoodles - Testimonials

Congratulations to our new friends and Doodle Owners in California, Washington, Oregon, New York, Minnesota, Illinois, New Jersey, Alaska, Texas, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Montana and Canadians from Newfoundland, Saskatchewan & British Columbia

An Athena Puppy

I just wanted to send you a message telling you and your husband how blessed we are to have Abby in our family. The joy she has brought to all of us is incredible. She is very well loved. Abby is a beautiful dog and she is very well behaved. We have her in training and she is so smart and learns so quickly. We have never had a dog that loves to cuddle as much as she does. She loves being held and loves everyone. Our trainer calls her "the party girl" because she loves everyone. We are hoping to train her as a therapy dog because she loves people so much. We follow your website on a regular basis and just love watching your puppies. We saw where Athena will have her last litter. What beautiful puppies she has brought into the world. I don't usually dress my dog in clothes but my daughter found a cocktail dress for Abby and we just couldn't resist. She is so great and just kept it on all day. Thank you so much for allowing us to bring Abby to our family. We wish your family wonderful Christmas Blessings. Merry Christmas!

A Lacy Puppy

I just wanted to send you a few pictures and an update from Eva, the purple girl from Lacy and Legend this year. She is a wonderful dog, very well behaved. She loves to run and play with the kids and other dogs. And everybody compliments her on her looks and personality. People say she looks like a stuffed animal. We are having a lot of fun with her. Specially the kids love her, they cuddle her every possible second. Fortunately she seems to like it. Eva has been changing the color of her fur every now and then. First she got a little lighter and now she is getting a little darker again. I don't know how much is weighing at the moment, but end of October we measured her height and she was a little over 20 inches. I think she might have gotten the longer legs of her mom. We think, she is the perfect size now. Finally I would like to thank you for this wonderful dog and wish you wonderful holidays and a splendid new year!

THANK YOU!... To each of our doodle owners for enthusiastically agreeing to let us post original comments about their new puppies!

An Athena Puppy

We just happened across your site today and noticed you are breeding Athena and Master again -- whoever gets one of these pups will be so lucky. Henry (teal boy) is an absolute joy! He has changed our lives in such positive ways. He has passed his second level of obedience and is in training to become a therapy dog. Everywhere we go, people want to know what breed he is. So many people have commented that he looks just like a stuffed animal. He loves other dogs, cats and people. He has maintained his affinity for play -- and he is so fun to play with. He is so gentle with the little ones. He loves being around us and we love to be around him. Oh, and he is sooooo snuggly..

A Gigi Puppy

We feel fortunate to have found Amy and Dale Lindgren at Signature Labradoodles as we absolutely adore our little “Teal Boy”. We are new dog owners and the Lindgren’s were there to answer all of our questions (which were plentiful) and help us through every step of the adoption process. They were particular about placing us with a dog that was a good match for us in terms of energy and temperament and they definitely picked the perfect pup for us! Also, it’s quite obvious that as breeders the Lindgren’s did everything right. He was crate trained for the night upon arrival and was already accustomed to wearing his collar. We couldn’t believe it but he did not whine or cry at all during his first night in our home. Wilbur is pure joy! He’s smart, loving, gentle, and playful. He receives yards of compliments from fellow dog owners who almost unanimously express surprise at how well he behaves as a puppy. Of course Wilbur has that exuberant puppy attitude that makes puppies so fun, but he doesn’t take this to extremes and corrects fairly easily. We couldn’t be happier with our new family member and would highly recommend Signature Labradoodles. Marc and Mikala

Has it been mentioned that we have placed over 200 Labradoodle puppies with new homes since 2010? We are building a legacy here at Signature Labradoodles. Each puppy deserves homes just like these on this testimonial page!

A Gigi Puppy

From Stacey... proud owner of Barkley: "So Barkley is absolutely perfect. He's not a bit nervous, not a bit yappy, really doing quite well and we think he may well be the smartest dog ever. We love how mellow he is. He comes when we call him, is a master at fetch and bring back, (sometimes) and is doing well at going to the bathroom outside only." Barkley update: Barkley just turned six months old and he is truly much loved here in Palo Alto...He's gentle and loving. Everyone remarks on his incredible disposition. He's very friendly, obedient and mellow. Not a nervous dog at all. We love him and are so thrilled we found you and our precious "orange boy".

A Tawny Puppy

From Daelene who has Miss Molly: "We love our girl, she is so good. All puppies have their different personalities, we have had our share of puppies that we have loved until they passed, but Molly has the cutest personality of them all and has just won us over paws down. Needless to say we really do love our Miss Molly. We thank our lucky stars that we chanced upon your website and got the puppy of our dreams."

A Gigi Puppy

From Kimberly describing Marley: "I had to email you again to tell you THANK YOU for such a wonderful puppy! My parents are so in love with her... Everyone was so impressed that she went over to the litter box to go potty after Dad got it all ready for her. Then after a little playing she goes back over and poops. She also wanted to thank me for doing all my research and finding the right puppy for them...Marley is what the doctor ordered and is a perfect fit for them. Oh I also have to tell you that everyone was impressed on how you shipped Marley... She was not scared or shook nothing...just a calm little girl.”